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Thanks to snapSchool, you will never again be stuck on a homework exercise. Come on, get involved in the biggest homework-help community!The principle is simple:1) Take a photo of the piece of homework that is causing you problems.2) Share the photo with the snapSchool community 3) You will receive a notification as soon as you receive a response.
You must bear in mind though, that snapSchool is based on mutual assistance. After posting a few pieces of homework, you will have to help others with theirs if you want to continue to receive help ;)
Once you have downloaded the app, we will give you one free token and one free gem. Publishing a piece of homework will cost you one token.If you provide a useful response (we'll be checking!) you will win a token and if your contribution is chosen as "best response", you will win a gem.
The "72 hour boost" option: Is your homework urgent and needing a response quickly? You can bring greater visibility to your homework thanks to the 72 hour boost. For 3 gems, this function allows your piece of homework to go to the top of the list making it easier to be seen by the community - so get ready for an avalanche of answers! Just so you know, you can win gems by being chosen as "best response" or by being rewarded by the snapSchool team, so don't forget to help others regularly.
Don't forget also; You can post a number of photos per piece of homeworkYou can ask for help in all subjects from year 7 onward!
Happy helping!